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Recently I was asked by a potential client why I charge a minimum of $50, when many of the items on the price list are less than that.

Lifecasting takes time, and it takes skill. You see only the few moments it takes to do a molding, but you see none of the intensive work that it takes to bring the casting to a finished state. Sometimes I need to spend hours cleaning a newly demolded casting, to fix any air bubbles, remove all the tiny tiny bits of molding materials with specially designed tools, and sometimes even resculpt areas that weren't perfect due to an overly wiggly subject. If I charged for even half the quality time spent on your casting, the final cost to you could be staggering. So I don't. I treat each piece as though it were my own, and take great care to make it the absolute best it can be. Happily! I love what I do. I also take the time and effort to come to you. Vehicle "wear and tear", and gas that I don't charge for.

Past all that, consider what you're getting. These pieces are something you can never, ever recreate. Your family is growing older all the time, and there is no going back. With proper respect and care, these beautiful life sculptures will last for generations, and be cherished memories of times long past. There is no way to put a price tag on that.

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