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Mounting Styles

Mounting Options for Life Casts


Casts may be left free standing, equipped with wall mount brackets, or mounted. Mountings available at this time are:


Cast bases made of the same casting material, left white or painted

Bases made of natural stone

Bases made of granite or marble

Bases made of wood

*Prices for bases are dependent on material used, size, and weight, and can be quoted after casting.

Shadow Boxes:

5X7 Black, Light Oak, or White $29.99
8X10 Black, Aged wood, or Silver $41.99
9X20 Black, or Dark Wood $49.99
Special Order
10X10 Cream $56.99
12X12 Black, White, or Light Oak $64.99
Larger sizes quoted upon request.

Display Cases (Inside dimensions given):

Medium 4"DX6"LX5"H Rectangular (w/mirror panel) Light Oak $52.99
Large 6"DX10"LX7"H Rectangular Light Oak $69.99
Small 3 3/4" Square (w/mirror panel) Black, or Light Oak $39.99
Large 9"DX9"LX10"H Square Black, or Light Oak $89.99
Larger and odd sizes quoted upon request.

Sister's Toes in Concrete
Inset concrete pieces are also available.


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