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Is this process safe for my baby or child? Will it hurt her skin?

This process is absolutely safe! The molding material is the only thing that ever touches your baby's skin, and it is the same material that dentists use to make impressions of children's teeth. Since it is safe to put in your mouth (but not to eat of course) it is safe to put on your child's skin for the moment it takes to make a mold. The molding material gels quickly, and you are able to easily wiggle your child's hand or foot out of the finished mold. Any small bit of residue left on the skin is easily removed with a dab of water or a baby wipe. If I would use it on my precious baby (and I have, many times) I guarantee it is safe for yours.

How old does my child need to be before I can get this done?

We can do newborn babies, but prefer that the baby has been checked out by a doctor or midwife first, and mom or another caregiver is available to hold the baby while the mold is being made.

How much detail is shown in a typical cast?

This technique allows for an amazing amount of detail in the finished cast. Click the picture for a larger closeup of a finished piece. Notice the nails, the skin texture, and palm lines! Finger prints usually show up well also.

Click for larger image

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