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Casting Parties and Classes!

Only Moments holds classes in the Milton Leisure Center and the Milton Senior's Center (no need to be a senior!) for your convenience! Join us for this unique and enjoyable experience!

This class consists of 2 sessions, and includes time and materials. There will be enough material to do a casting of a mom/baby or mom/small child, or sibling hands up to maximum age 10, or the legs and feet of a newborn. While there is enough casting material to do 2 smaller individual castings, the length of the class will not permit more than a single casting. If 2 pieces are desired, a private session can be set up.

The first class is 2 hours long, and includes instruction, the actual casting and repairs (if needed - most casts require some very minor repairs due to air bubbles) while it's still "green". Don't worry, I will help each person with their casting to make sure you get the best possible result! I will also assist in or complete repairs of the piece as necessary, either in-class, or on my own time, at no additional cost.

The second class is the following week for 1 hour, which allows the cast item to dry completely, and includes finishing and protecting the piece.

Total for 2 classes, including materials, only $49.99*

Contact me to book a class with your friends* and family.

*With any group, class, or party you'd like to organize, if you would like to bring along at least 6 other people, your casting is free! Some conditions apply.

Groups and Parties

Do you have friends with babies or children? Host a party for a group session of casting! Try it as a unique birthday party theme for your kids! Only Moments will also come to your school for class casting at a special price! Have your teacher contact me for more details!

Preschool class

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